Collaborative Innovation

Solve real problems while building innovation capacity. 

Collaborative Innovation is based on the creative capacity already inherent in individuals and teams. By providing real tools and experiences to collaboratively solve real problems, teams walk away not only with a new product or system, but the creative capacity to innovate on their own. Uniquely designed for your business, this work draws from Design Thinking, organizational design and strategy, and creative collaboration techniques. 


Innovation Sessions

Unleash breakthrough ideas. Innovate and evolve new products and experiences and tackle tough problems in a collaborative and creative environment. 

Innovation Capacity Building

Foster and scale sustainable, organizational behavior change for innovation. Unlock the creative power and strategic ability inherent in your organization, with hands-on experiences, tools and systems that empower people to collaborate and innovate together for the long term.


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new Business and Product Creation

Create new businesses, products and services. Drive growth and unlock creative potential within your organization, with innovation strategy grounded in market research, collaborative ideation and consumer understanding.