Tools and Resources

Growing list of activities, templates, tools and resources that I've created and collected...


SUCCESS SPECTRUM - Helps teams get specific about their goals and aspirations by using scenarios and thinking on a spectrum (from Failure, Minimum, Target, and Epic Success). It offers a great way to start any endeavor. I use it often and appreciate the philosophy behind it. Credit: Faster Than 20 and Duende.  

STRATEGY/CULTURE BICYCLE - Great framework to collectively unpack and refine your current understanding and future vision for your organizational behaviors and strategy. Credit: Faster Than 20 and Duende.


WORKING AGREEMENTS - This is a simple template that supports this one-on-one conversation about working agreements. Establishing core principles for working together is great, but bringing it to life rests on trusting each other to own the work we are responsible for. Templates like these provide a shared language and framework for conversations about what you need from each other in order to be successful, regardless of “rank.”Credit: Faster than 20.

PERSONAL ROLE REFLECTION - I created this simple template as a supplemental tool to help individuals clarify and define questions about their role before having conversation with others about working agreements (above) and/or workstreams (below)More often than not, teams falter and issues arise not because they can’t get along, but because they define the work (or even the words that define their work) differently, or they aren’t clear about our role.

WORKSTREAMS - Useful process and framework for teams looking to clarify their current and planned work, roles and responsibilities. Particularly useful as way to parlay responsibility in a less hierarchical manner, once a group has defined their purpose. I created this as a tool to support small teams and entrepreneurs looking to understand and define their workload. 
In beta - would love to hear your feedback if you try it.

MINDSET CARDS - These cards provide a tactical resource to explore how to understand individual and organizational mindsets in order to improve how everyone works together. Credit: Faster Than 20 and Duende.

MINDSET EXERCISE - Inspired by the above Mindset cards and exercise, I created this exercise as a way to unpack personal and organizational mindsets and identify behaviors and beliefs that support a shared vision for success. This is in beta - please do share your thoughts and ideas if you try it. 



  • IDEO HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN TOOLKIT - Detailed activities and templates to practice human centered design.
  • FROG COLLECTIVE ACTION TOOLKIT - Simple and easy instructions to use design thinking to solve a problem, with simple templates to keep track of observations and learnings  
  • THE DESIGN GYM WORKSHEETS - Useful worksheets and workbooks for practicing design thinking. The Design Gym has also mastered the art of teaching design thinking to large groups, and they host an interesting blog that feature guest practitioners. 


  • SYNECTICSWORLD INNOVATION FACILITATION TRAINING - This training is immersive, well framed, grounded in years of study and experience, and provides a framework that applies to diverse facilitation scenarios - useful for anyone who leads meetings and/or those looking to learn new collaborative problem solving techniques. 




FASTER THAN 20 - You'll notice much of the tools here come from this tremendous resources by Created by Eugene Eric Kim. and his community of practitioners, which I am honored to be a part of. His goal is to "improve collaborative literacy at scale" and his tools and writings are powerful in that their very purpose is to empower us to help him bring this vision to life. 

AUGUST - This transparent organizational strategy firm utilizes themselves as an experiment in transparent, nonhierarchical ways of working, and they share their learnings and tools in their public drive. I recommend subscribing to their newsletter - I really enjoy it. Mike Arauz has a thoughtful blog that focuses on building team capacity too. 

SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT - STP is a collective of social change makers who have created a great collection of tools and resources for consultants and internal change agents interested in building social change organizations, from facilitation to team performance. Oriented toward building leadership, many of these tools provide basic guiding questions and help you determine the "why" behind the exercise. 

ENSPIRAL - A network of independent consultants who work globally within a networked, non-hierarchical system that includes collaborative decision-making and collaborative funding models. Their Medium publication is also a good source for personal stories about the tools they've used for meetings and problem solving and the highs and lows of this ongoing experiment with alternative ways of working. 


MEETING TEMPLATES - Very useful templates, including designing a collaborative session and a meeting log for planning teams, which also gently guide and frame thoughtful meeting design. I have adopted a few of these and use them on a regular basis. Credit: Faster Than 20

INNOVATION AND STRATEGY SESSION BASICS - It's easy to forget that a well designed collaborative session is an event. An event is a designed experience, and thoughtful planning matters. I created this document as resource and basic introduction to leaders who were thinking about hosting an innovation session as well as those who were helping in the event planning. If you are thinking of organizing a session, this can serve as a useful tool to understand potential resources you need (human and logistical).